A New Day for Canadian Poultry Processing

Proven in turkey and chicken processing over the past 22 years, the Humane-Aire® system is the most advanced controlled atmosphere stunning system that addresses the need for sustainable processing while also meeting the demands for improved animal welfare. Crates are off-loaded in the production area, destacked then conveyed through the CAS tunnel. After the crate exits the tunnel, the stunned birds are transferred onto the shackling conveyor. The crate is then washed, restacked and loaded back on the trailer.

The Humane-Aire CAS System provides an excellent return on your investment. The patented, multi-stage Humane-Aire CAS System is designed for operator and animal welfare…while meeting production requirements for the global demand for quality protein.

The Humane-Aire System®

The Proven System for Higher Quality Protein, Higher Yields and Improved Animal Welfare.