Effective High-Volume Poultry
Stunning For Today's Processors

The Humane-Aire™ Controlled Atmosphere Stunning (CAS) System addresses challenging tasks in the farm to fork process – harvesting, handling and processing chickens and turkeys, including large birds such as Toms, in a humane way that produces maximum yield and at the same time is consistent with good protein processing.

Humane-Aire delivers CO2 stunning in an effective manner, producing superior results in slaughter efficiency and product quality. The patented, two stage Humane-Aire CAS System is designed  for operator and animal welfare…while meeting production requirements for the global demand for quality protein. Humane-Aire CAS has proven superior in processing millions of pounds of superior turkey meat annually…with employee turnover at unprecedented low levels.

Now the preferred method of harvesting and processing turkeys, Humane-Aire offers a sustainable production solution at a time when breeding methods are producing larger Toms. It has become increasingly difficult – and labor intensive – to shackle 30 or 40 lb. live birds, resulting in near daily employee turnover in poultry plants across the US. A CO2 stunned bird, however, is by comparison far less traumatized, with a more manageable shackling and with fewer reductions.

Turkey Stunning System

Humane Aire CAS

Effectively stuns turkeys with minimal damage, higher quality yield and lower employee turnover.

Chicken Stunning System

Humane Aire CAS

In slaughtering protein, including duck and broilers, Humane Aire two stage CO2 stunning enables processors to take proactive steps in animal welfare.

Handling Cages

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