Controlled Atmosphere Stunning: Training, Parts And Services

Humane-Aire™ was developed by Roger Draft, an industry leader who holds several patents in controlled atmosphere stunning. Roger has authored several papers and speaks frequently on the merits of CO2 gas-stunning and a more humane approach to feeding the world.

Midway Machine Technologies

Humane-Aire is manufactured by Midway Machine Technologies. Founded in 1987, Midway Machine Technologies serves the food, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries with automation system design, manufacturing, installation and service. A knowledgeable team of engineers and tradesmen provide engineering, fabrication, assembly, installation and parts. Midway has built many food processing systems, including the Humane-Aire CO2 gas-stunning system in use at many turkey processors in North America.

Bright Coop

Bright Coop had its humble beginnings in 1951 when brothers Charles and N.G. With an abundance of hardwood timber in the area and the East Texas broiler industry starting to grow, the brothers decided to go into the business of building wooden chicken coops. Their auspicious beginnings, with limited capital and a “fly by the seat of your pants and learn as you go” attitude, enabled them to produce a coop that was custom-engineered to suit the local market.